My School Life

Hey guys!!!

How are you??? it’s me Adi, and today im going to tell you about my new school life at 3 senior high bandung.

First, I was a graduation student from Taruna Bakti junior high. That school thaught me a thing, and that is whatever your dream is, never give up. It’s maybe a bit weird but when I was at junior high, I was always being one of the lowest rangking students, but back then it really never bothered me and I was just don’t care. Until i found myself at 9th grade and realise that my grades sucks, and I really really really need an improvement so that I could show myself that im not that dumb kid who always get the lowest rangking at his class. And I did, of all the 30 students in my class, i was one of the 8 who made it to one of the best senior high in this country. even my teachers at Taruna Bakti junior high cannot believe it.

Being in 3 senior high at first really made me proud of myself because it is one of the best highschool in Indonesia, but I already know that life in this school would be tough because the amount of homework and tasks that teacher gave would be very demanding.

And it turned out that my predictions are correct.¬† So now, im gonna prove myself that if it’s possible that I made it to be in this beautiful school, it means that I also have what it takes to survive and get good grades here. My first impression about the school was that it’s a very interesting school with a lot of good extraculicular activities and it really does help you to achieve your dreams. Sure that it’s hard to manage your time for homeworks and entertainment but these experiences could help you in the future such as when you’re at college or for your everyday life once you get a job, or at least that is what my alumni’s told me.

It’s been weeks since I started joined 3 senior high, and to be honest im starting to losing my mind. Some of the subjects such as physics and math I just can understand eventhough I’ve studied a lot at home. So I decided It’s time to have some outside help which is Bimbel so that I could actually understand a bit of math or physics, I haven’t continue Bimbel for long but I hope it’s going to help me in the future. If you guys were curious, my dream is to go to ITB civil engineering for college and hopefully with prays from my families and friends that I could achieve it.

It’s time that I need to grow up, be a man, and hold my own responsibilities. Because if I don’t, it’s going to be pointless to be in 3 senior high in the first place. I hope that 3 senior high could help me achieve my dreams and made my family and friends proud :))


describing someone

Today, im going to introduce you to someone I like very much. However, im going to let you guess who he is and maybe you’re lucky enough to be able to guess it.

He is a very famous swedish footballer who is hired under a very good football club and personally one of my favourite, he once started his career at malmo FF in the late 1990s before signed by ajax. He later signed with Juventus for 16 million euros, after this he made his name famous for receiving awards such as the italian Oscar Del Calcio and the swedish Guldbollen and he gained those with famous football teams like Barcelona and A.C Milan. He was once called one of the most expensive footballer because of his deal with A.C Milan who cost the italian club 24 million euros But in the end he joined Paris Saint-Germain in July 2012 till now.

Pretty much everyone respected him in his club because he is known to be one of the most formidable strikers in the world and he is also very talented at controlling the ball and shoot it for the goal, he quickly became a star on the internet and pretty much everyone who is a fan of football recognizes him. so who is he???

About a friend of mine

Hey guys!! Today I’m going to tell you some things about a friend of mine at SMAN 3 Bandung.

His name is Willy Candra A. but, I like to call him willy. He lives at Pondok Cipta Mas II C3/15 Bandung. He was born on the 24th September 1999, his hobby is to play soccer or futsal, his favourite food is rendang, he only have 1 brother, his favourite subject at school is science, his dream is to win the BM cup at SMAN 3 Bandung together with his friends at X IPA 8, and he is inspired to live his life by Mohammed prophet.

He is one of my close friend at school and I like him by the way he is.

all about me

Hey guys!!! My name is Sahabat Adi Kusuma but, people like to call me adi, and today I’m going to tell you ¬†some things about my life.

I am currently 15 years old, I live in Bandung at Moh.Yunus St. number 45 with my family, I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, I go to school at SMAN 3 Bandung, and my goal in the future so far is to get an invitation to “ITB civil engineering” or (ITB teknik sipil).

For now, I don’t have a girlfriend and probably because I’m trying to focus to get good grades at school so that I could achieve my dream. Just in case that you came across me at school, I’m a bit short, my hair is brownish black and quite long too, I have some acne around my nose and forehead, I also have a small scar due to fire on the back of my right hand just behind my thumb.

My favourite subjects at school are math and PE(physical Education), my favourite food is pizza, and I absolutely hate vegetables.

that is all I could say for today, I hope that you could recognized me later in school or other public places, and I’ll see you next time.